New products that are on the rising.

So major news Glossier has officially been launched in Sweden. Which is amazing. Glossier is a brand known for women, who like to wear makeup without making it look too bulky or as if you tried too hard. It’s for the women on the go. The thing that I have come to realise about glossier is that is easy to apply, and it’s very friendly and tintable. Even though is have only really used their sun protector(Invisible Shield), cloud paints(blush), lidstars(eyeshadow), stretch concealer and lipgloss. I have come to love the brand. The brand’s sunscreen is very drying, and for an oily girl like me, that’s is a no go, I like the fact that it’s in a small bottle and that is an “invisible shield” it’s doesn’t give you the white cast covering your face, that most sunscreen does. Plus the smell is fantastic. Lemonish! Which I wish every sunscreen could include, it just doesn’t cater to oily skin, I hope they will extend their sunscreen line to different types of skin tones. 

I care about makeup and the effects it has on my appearance. Which I think glossier has made very easy for women to feel beautiful in their natural skin. I normally use their products for when I am on the run. Easy applications and you just go in with your fingers. My favourite products from glossier are defiantly cloud paints in Haze and Beam. They are so so pigmented and a small application goes a long long Way. They are blushes that give you a natural glow for everyday use, less effortless makeup routine(pictured below). This heat in Denmark and Sweden is unbearable and that actually results from me not wearing any makeup that is heavy. It has been nice to not cover your face in make up every day but, and instead letting your skin breathe and catching a tan.

just a small brand that is amazing look it up! and try for yourself.

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