Fast Facts

Who: Nanna Thomsen

What: Blogger/Influencer

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Follow: IG @nanna_thomsen4  Website:

Five fast minutes!  It has been quite a long, long break and YES! my 2nd semester is over, and Yes, I am enjoying my summer holidays which will last until the very beginning of September.  I am so excited about this blog post. I would call this series a fast five minutes. This interview is inspired by the blog called; Envelope. My favourite at the moment. This interview is done on texting matter, I am really trying to be creative, and I thought why not- We use our phones daily so why not make an interview on that matter.

My own friend Nanna Thomsen, I thought it would be nice to have a girl that I have a close relationship with, a short story about Nanna and I, is that we are old high school friends. We practically do everything together.







36950856_10216921117959889_3719494832851255296_n-2-e1531338130554.jpg  IMG_694936944537_10216921134240296_1516725734456950784_n.jpg



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