The first real Talk is going to be about skincare. Since I was 18 years old and started wearing makeup on a daily basis, I also then got into skin care routines. I personally have never had major skin issues, such as acne and major blemishes,  but instead I always had good and great skin without really making an effort to keep it, but I have come to the realisation that I am actually getting older, which means that I need to start being more aware of taken care of my skin.

Now I am 23 years old, which means that I am not exactly getting younger. My mother was the one who actually introduced me, to take care of my skin. The number one skin-essential cream I ever used as a child was cocoa butter and vaseline because there normally is perfume in various cremes- so basically trying to prevent allergies.  One thing I have learned is never to go to bed with make-up on your face. Your skin will resent you for it! I learned this when I accidentally had a massive allergic reaction on my face the morning after… So yeah that was a lesson I learned for life. another thing that also has an impact on my skin is SPF, you can say whatever about sunblock, but it really makes an impact on your skin, I have noticed that I have less hyperpigmentation on my face because I use SPF in my daily moisturizers and in my foundation, which is good.


Normally when I am done for the day, and its time to remove my makeup I use Bioderma, Bioderma is a mercilla water, it basically removes dirt and calms my skin down. Right after I go in with my CHOCHO soap(Black soap), which is a Ghanaian skincare brand which is completely organic, it removes every bit of old makeup on your face, I use it night and day, and it has really saved my life- to conclude, this product is a holy grail product. After washing my face with CHOCHO, I then go in with my cleansing toner called L300. L300 it is a pharmacy line, very cheap and efficient. This evens out the colour in my face and helps to keep it hydrated. Course Bioderdema can dry out your skin. Then to give my face some oil after washing and cleansing it, I apply Cataphil facial mousterizr, I use them on that is for sensitive skin, course it is thiker and leaves a good and breathable cast on your skin the morning after, I also apply LA ROCHE-POSY: Effaclar K(+) which is a serum for targeting sports, you are supposed to use it at mornings, but I prefer evenings, since its a thick product.

To conclude this whole skincare routine, I go in with Rosehip Oil from the trilogy,  rosehip is a hyperpigmentation oil that helps to heal the skin after being in the sun. AGAIN Holy grail product. Yes, I give my skin TLC every night which gives amazing results.

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