Finally, I have started a new chapter, that I have worked really hard to come true. The new platform that I have created is for my own creativity and space to develop myself. I have for a while had the need to create and explore my ideas and interests in new ways, and I did this by taking a risk.  The risk that I took resulted in me feeling that I could do my own thing, so why shouldn’t I start my own blog. I have always had an interest in creating spaces and not to say create your own space.

It is hard to put your ideas into action or bring them to life. Right now I have the feeling of this is just the start of unfolding a lot of ideas with help from this platform as well as creating new relationships with new people.

The original idea was to launch my new blog(Mang(m)oda) in February, but due to writers blog and joggling a stressful life that involves school and a part-time job, it has almost made it impossible for me to write the official first post.
The future plan for the blog is to create more content that actually gives advice and draws inspiration from my daily life. Since I am soon done with my 2nd semester at university, I will automatically have more time for creating content and become less of a procrastinator. Procrastination is what I have lived by the last few months,  even though my new year’s resolution for 2018 was to become more steadfast in the things of blogging and growing my audience. So yes this is me trying hard to get back, it’s going to be hard but worth it in the long run.

Hope you are ready for new adventures.
Best Ekua!

Photo credit; Nanna Thomsen, Canon G7X mark II



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