As many of you might have noticed, the blog has been quiet for a long time. Some of the quietnesses are coursed by small life changes in my life, like me moving to Copenhagen / Denmark -which I am very happy for making this decision. A lot of new changes has been made. I recently got a new job in the direction of merchandise and fashion, I got a job in Monki … yup, the clothing store. Its challenging, fun, and best of all my new colleagues are just so amazing and hard workers. they make a perfect work team.

Talking about future plans, right now I have a book full of ideas, that I would like to bring to life, I am starting. a small project, with a little help from my friends, which I can’t talk about right now, course I need to actually bring it to life before I can drop some hints.

But here is the small but big update on my current life and of course there is more to bring.

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Ekua Blankson


White swimwear is in at the moment, everything from white polka dots, halter necks to the sporty look of swimsuits. I am primarily a fan of white swimwear since it creates a  simple and elegant, clean look. And white fits everybody and everyone, it’s a diverse colour to use on every body type.

Down below I have gotten a lot of affordable swimsuits that I am crushing on.

 white Bathing suit (old)- Lookalike




New products that are on the rising.

So major news Glossier has officially been launched in Sweden. Which is amazing. Glossier is a brand known for women, who like to wear makeup without making it look too bulky or as if you tried too hard. It’s for the women on the go. The thing that I have come to realise about glossier is that is easy to apply, and it’s very friendly and tintable. Even though is have only really used their sun protector(Invisible Shield), cloud paints(blush), lidstars(eyeshadow), stretch concealer and lipgloss. I have come to love the brand. The brand’s sunscreen is very drying, and for an oily girl like me, that’s is a no go, I like the fact that it’s in a small bottle and that is an “invisible shield” it’s doesn’t give you the white cast covering your face, that most sunscreen does. Plus the smell is fantastic. Lemonish! Which I wish every sunscreen could include, it just doesn’t cater to oily skin, I hope they will extend their sunscreen line to different types of skin tones. 

I care about makeup and the effects it has on my appearance. Which I think glossier has made very easy for women to feel beautiful in their natural skin. I normally use their products for when I am on the run. Easy applications and you just go in with your fingers. My favourite products from glossier are defiantly cloud paints in Haze and Beam. They are so so pigmented and a small application goes a long long Way. They are blushes that give you a natural glow for everyday use, less effortless makeup routine(pictured below). This heat in Denmark and Sweden is unbearable and that actually results from me not wearing any makeup that is heavy. It has been nice to not cover your face in make up every day but, and instead letting your skin breathe and catching a tan.

just a small brand that is amazing look it up! and try for yourself.


Fast Facts

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What: Blogger/Influencer

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

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Five fast minutes!  It has been quite a long, long break and YES! my 2nd semester is over, and Yes, I am enjoying my summer holidays which will last until the very beginning of September.  I am so excited about this blog post. I would call this series a fast five minutes. This interview is inspired by the blog called; Envelope. My favourite at the moment. This interview is done on texting matter, I am really trying to be creative, and I thought why not- We use our phones daily so why not make an interview on that matter.

My own friend Nanna Thomsen, I thought it would be nice to have a girl that I have a close relationship with, a short story about Nanna and I, is that we are old high school friends. We practically do everything together.







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The first real Talk is going to be about skincare. Since I was 18 years old and started wearing makeup on a daily basis, I also then got into skin care routines. I personally have never had major skin issues, such as acne and major blemishes,  but instead I always had good and great skin without really making an effort to keep it, but I have come to the realisation that I am actually getting older, which means that I need to start being more aware of taken care of my skin.

Now I am 23 years old, which means that I am not exactly getting younger. My mother was the one who actually introduced me, to take care of my skin. The number one skin-essential cream I ever used as a child was cocoa butter and vaseline because there normally is perfume in various cremes- so basically trying to prevent allergies.  One thing I have learned is never to go to bed with make-up on your face. Your skin will resent you for it! I learned this when I accidentally had a massive allergic reaction on my face the morning after… So yeah that was a lesson I learned for life. another thing that also has an impact on my skin is SPF, you can say whatever about sunblock, but it really makes an impact on your skin, I have noticed that I have less hyperpigmentation on my face because I use SPF in my daily moisturizers and in my foundation, which is good.


Normally when I am done for the day, and its time to remove my makeup I use Bioderma, Bioderma is a mercilla water, it basically removes dirt and calms my skin down. Right after I go in with my CHOCHO soap(Black soap), which is a Ghanaian skincare brand which is completely organic, it removes every bit of old makeup on your face, I use it night and day, and it has really saved my life- to conclude, this product is a holy grail product. After washing my face with CHOCHO, I then go in with my cleansing toner called L300. L300 it is a pharmacy line, very cheap and efficient. This evens out the colour in my face and helps to keep it hydrated. Course Bioderdema can dry out your skin. Then to give my face some oil after washing and cleansing it, I apply Cataphil facial mousterizr, I use them on that is for sensitive skin, course it is thiker and leaves a good and breathable cast on your skin the morning after, I also apply LA ROCHE-POSY: Effaclar K(+) which is a serum for targeting sports, you are supposed to use it at mornings, but I prefer evenings, since its a thick product.

To conclude this whole skincare routine, I go in with Rosehip Oil from the trilogy,  rosehip is a hyperpigmentation oil that helps to heal the skin after being in the sun. AGAIN Holy grail product. Yes, I give my skin TLC every night which gives amazing results.

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Finally, I have started a new chapter, that I have worked really hard to come true. The new platform that I have created is for my own creativity and space to develop myself. I have for a while had the need to create and explore my ideas and interests in new ways, and I did this by taking a risk.  The risk that I took resulted in me feeling that I could do my own thing, so why shouldn’t I start my own blog. I have always had an interest in creating spaces and not to say create your own space.

It is hard to put your ideas into action or bring them to life. Right now I have the feeling of this is just the start of unfolding a lot of ideas with help from this platform as well as creating new relationships with new people.

The original idea was to launch my new blog(Mang(m)oda) in February, but due to writers blog and joggling a stressful life that involves school and a part-time job, it has almost made it impossible for me to write the official first post.
The future plan for the blog is to create more content that actually gives advice and draws inspiration from my daily life. Since I am soon done with my 2nd semester at university, I will automatically have more time for creating content and become less of a procrastinator. Procrastination is what I have lived by the last few months,  even though my new year’s resolution for 2018 was to become more steadfast in the things of blogging and growing my audience. So yes this is me trying hard to get back, it’s going to be hard but worth it in the long run.

Hope you are ready for new adventures.
Best Ekua!

Photo credit; Nanna Thomsen, Canon G7X mark II